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Dear colleagues,

Below please find a list of books recently received by  _Language
Policy_.  I invite you to look over the list and respond to me
(akk25 at if you and/or any of your colleagues or
students might be interested in reviewing any of these titles.

Reviews are generally 1,000 words in length and due four months after
the book has been received by the reviewer. Editorial guidelines and
more details about the journal are available at (Please include
your preferred postal mailing address in your response.)

I would be grateful if you could forward this list to any interested
and qualified colleagues or advanced graduate students.

With thanks and best wishes,
Kendall King, Reviews Editor, Language Policy

LP Book for Review List, May 16, 2005

Adamson, H. D. (2005). Language minority students in American
schools: An education in English.  Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum
Associates, Publishers.

Baldauf, Richard B. & Kaplan, Robert B. (Eds.) (2004).  Language
planning and policy Africa, Vol. 1: Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, and
South Africa.  Clevedon:  Multilingual Matters Ltd.

Canagarajah, A. Suresh (Ed.). (2005). Reclaiming the local in
language policy and practice. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum
Associates, Publishers.

Crowley, Tony (2003). Standard English and the politics of language
(2nd Ed.). NY: Palgrave McMillan.

Finegan, E. & Rickford, J. R. (Eds.). (2004). Language in the USA:
themes for the twenty-first century. Cambridge: Cambridge University

Gibbons, John & Ramirez, Elizabeth (2004). Maintaining a minority
language: A case study of Hispanic teenagers. Clevedon: Multilingual

Hogan-Brun, Gabrielle & Wolff, Stefan (Eds.) (2003). Minority
languages in Europe: Frameworks, status, prospects. NY: Palgrave

Howatt, A. P. R. & Widdowson, H. G. (2004).  A history of English
language teaching.  Oxford:  Oxford University Press.

Johnson, Sally (2005). Spelling trouble? Language, ideology and the
reform of German othography. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

Joseph, John (2004). Language and identity: National, ethnic,
religious. NY: Palgrave McMillan.

Kaplan, Robert & Baldauf, Richard (2003).  Language and
language-in-education planning in the Pacific Basin.  Dordrecht:
Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Metslang, Helle & Rannut, Mart (Eds.)  2003).  Languages in
development.  Munich:  Lincom.Europa.

Myhill, John (2004).  Language in Jewish society:  Towards a new
understanding.  Clevedon:  Multilingual Matters Ltd.

Ostler, Nicholas (2005). Empires of the word: A language history of
the world. NY: Harper Collins Publishers.

Ramanathan, Vaidehi (2005). The English-vernacular divide:
Postcolonial language politics and practice. Clevedon: Multilingual

Ramirez, J. David; Wiley, Terrence G.; de Klerk, Gerda; Lee, Enid;
Wright, Wayne E. (2005). Ebonics: The urban education debate (2nd
Ed.). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

Suleiman, Yasir (2004).  A war of words:  Language and conflict in
the Middle East.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press.

Kendall King, Ph.D.
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