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Journal Title: Language Problems and Language Planning
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2005

Table of contents

Articles / Aufsaetze

Simple English in the South Seas Evangelical Mission: Social context and
linguistic attributes
Beverly S. Muehlhaeusler and Peter Muehlhaeusler 1-30

Problemas de comunicacion derivados de la lengua en el ambito maritimo
Rosa de la Campa Portela 31-45

The medium-of-instruction debate in Malaysia: English as a Malaysian
Peter K.W. Tan 47-66

Many calls, little action: Global illiteracy in the United States
Robert A. Scott 67-82

Reviews / Criticas / Rezensionen / Recenzoj
Mark Janse and Sijmen Tol (eds.). Language Death and Language Maintenance:
Theoretical, Practical and Descriptive Approaches.
Reviewed by Timothy Reagan 83-86

John H. McWhorter. The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language.
Reviewed by John Algeo 86-88

Dale April Koike (ed.). La co-construccion del significado en el espanol
de las Americas: acercamientos discursivos Reviewed by Frank Nuessel 89-91

Monica Heller. Crosswords: Language, Education and Ethnicity in French
Ontario Reviewed by Dan Golembeski 91-93

James W. Tollefson and Amy B. M. Tsui (eds). Medium of Instruction
Policies:  Which Agenda? Whose Agenda?  Reviewed by Terry A. Osborn 94-95

Carmen Codoer, Santiago Lopez Moreda, and Jesus Urena Bracero (eds.). El
brocense y las humanidades en el siglo XVI.
Reviewed by Frank Nuessel 95-98

Gabrielle Hogan-Brun and Stefan Wolff (eds.). Minority Languages in
Europe:  Frameworks, Status, Prospects Crtica per Tazio Carlevaro 98-101

Bernard Spolsky. Language Policy Reviewed by Ulrich Ammon 101-107

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