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The Language Feed
May 30, 2005

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Knowing a second language good for business
Press Telegram, May 30
When Sean Kang isn't cutting deals in English, the finance manager at
Long Beach Honda is cutting deals in Korean.,1413,204~21478~2894081,00.html

How language is framing the stem cell debate
Dallas Morning News, May 27 (email: langfeed at, password: language)
When House Majority Leader Tom DeLay recently described the use of
embryos for stem cell research as "dismemberment of living, distinct
human beings," he evoked a strong image to rally support for his side.

French Language Returning to Favor in St. Petersburg
St Petersburg Times, May 27
The Russians have always found France irresistible, and nowhere is this
Slavo-Gallic love affair more evident than in St. Petersburg. From the
outset, when Peter the Great established his westernized capital here on
the banks of the Neva, imitation of the French way of life became very
much a la mode.

Bid to save nearly-lost language
BBC News, May 26
It is spoken by only a handful of people but, after 5,000 years, a rare
native American language is to get its own dictionary.

'Foreign' language?
Contra Costa Times, May 25 (email: language at, password: language)
Susan Winchester knew that the foreign language classes her toddler was
taking were having an impact one day at the diaper changing table.

No laughing matter: the joke is over
San Jose Mercury News, May 29
In case you missed its obituary, the joke died recently after a long
illness, of, oh, 30 years. Its passing was barely noticed, drowned out,
perhaps, by the din of ironic one-liners, snark and detached bons mots
that pass for humor these days.

No #@$>&!! allowed: Schools work to keep students' language clean
Star Press, May 30
When Randi Wallace turns the corner at Central High School, she's
bombarded with it. There's just no escaping foul language, the Central
junior said.

Giving life to a dead language
Lawrence Journal, May 27
To Heidi TenPas, mom is sometimes ‘mater.’ And Tiffany Kwak might
jokingly call a friend ‘pestis’ or ‘furcifer.’ Who said Latin class was
a snore?

English is medium of instruction soon
Philipine Star, May 30
English could soon become the principal medium of instruction in all
schools. The House committee on education has endorsed a bill changing
the present bilingual policy in schools and requiring that English be
the principal medium of instruction, from grade school to the tertiary

Welcome the 2008 Games with correct bilingual signs
People's Daily Online, May 25
A press conference was held by China Daily Website to launch an activity
named "Use Accurate English to Welcome the Olympics--Public Bilingual
Sign Standardization Drive", at the University of International Business
and Economics (UIBE), on May 25, 2005.

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