Well-balanced language policy will be the center of attention

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Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev's speech at the
2nd Civil Forum

ASTANA. September 12. KAZINFORM The plenary session of the 2nd Civil Forum
has taken place today. The head of the state Nursultan Nazarbayev gave a
speech at the meeting. Kazinform distributes his typewritten speech,
referring to presidential Ak Orda site.Dear participants of the Civil
Forum! Dear guests!

It is the second Civil Forum. And it is important that you representatives
of the NGOs put the idea of its conduction.

It evidences the idea of the Forum, initiated by me two years ago has been
put into practice. We laid groundwork for solid partnership relations
between the state and non-governmental sector, having reached the decision
of the many problems. I am sure the present forum will provide for
analyzing of our achievements and determination of our prospects.

What have we already done?

The collaboration between state bodies and non-governmental sector became
systematic. The republican and regional programs of NGOs state support on
2003-2005 were adopted at the national level for the first time. Due to
this fact the dialogue and partnership relations between state bodies and
NGOs develop at a quick pace.  The advisory organs were established under
social sphere ministries, akims, Astana and Almaty akims.

The adoption of law On public social order provided for effective system
of NGOs involvement into realization of great state social programs on
grant basis. KZT 173 million (USD 1.3 million) were invested into their
realization in the framework of regional programs. We intend to increase
financing of NGOs activity. It will account for KZT 1 billion (USD 7.6
million) till the beginning of the next decade.

Taking into account ambiguous perception of the Law, I sent it to the
Constitutional Council. It ruled a number of its provisions
unconstitutional. I agreed with the decision of the Council. The
Parliament and Government will enforce the Law in our country.

None of the international organizations has the rule to finance our
political parties and create mass media. They can work but only in the
framework of the Constitution.

Dear participants of the Forum!

In February 2005 I suggested the strategy of rapid economic, social and
political modernization of Kazakhstan. In September I represented a range
of tasks for extension of our modernization policy.

We are to become a country with developed economy, strong social politics,
established political institutions, based on democratic tradition and
supremacy of law; a country, where security of individuals and society,
rights and freedoms of our citizens are provided. I want NGOs to take
active part in the realization of the strategy. The achievement of high
standards of life quality is the main task for authorities and NGOs
collaboration. There are 9 strategic approaches of our effective

We intend to increase education availability and quality and to
approximate the training to world standards. For this purpose the state
will increase financing of the educational sector 3fold up to KZT 816
billion (USD 6.2 billion).

NGOs are to help our educational institutions in transition to modern
technologies of learning, formation of educational programs in accordance
with the international standards, provision of equal conditions for

NGOs are to provide for education of disabled, orphan and oralmans

The state will increase financing of health care service sector 3fold as
well, KZT 600 billion (USD 4.6 billion). The domestic medicine is to
become more qualitative and available.

Non-governmental organizations should become reliable partners in
provision of medical service availability for vulnerable layers of
society. They are to participate in state programs against tuberculosis,
AIDS and other dangerous diseases. We need your support in development of
private medicine.

The state will enhance the system of rights protection of all property
categories enterprises employees, especially labor protection at the
industrial plants and in the construction sphere.

The non-governmental sector may take part in the development of Common
State Standard. We should suggest the employers forming the social package
for wage laborers. It will become a nationwide standard for present labor

The availability of qualitative drinking water is the fourth problem. This
will be the priority of hydro-economic policy. The state will continue its
work on stable provision of population with drinking water of guaranteed
quality. KZT 115 billion (USD 884 million) will be submitted for this
purpose. The new technologies of water purification and supply will be

The state policy on culture support will be also enhanced. New
large-scaled program of state backing of culture will be introduced after
the completion of Cultural heritage program in 2006. The expenditures for
culture, sport and tourism will be increased up to KZT 67 billion (USD 515
million). The legislative terms for development of sponsorship will be

Well-balanced language policy will be the center of states attention NGOs
support will be very important, too. The development of the language and
culture should become a significant trend of our collaboration.

The state is to assume measures on environmental enhancement. Our task is
to struggle against environmental pollution. We are to restore Aral,
Semipalatinsk and Balkhash ecosustems.

The ecological control over the work of great enterprises, especially in
oil-producing sector, will be tightened.

We are also to provide for demographic increase. The stable economy
development, active social policy will stimulate birth rate and

The state will back large families, children from families with low income
and increase the rate of dowries. The housing construction, increase of
incomes, new work places, improvement of the health care service and
education will provide for increase of the Kazakhstan population up to 17
million people in 10 years.

Our cooperation in realization of these tasks will allow Kazakhstan to
become a country with healthy and educated people.

Draft Concept on civil society development on 2006-2011, prepared in
collaboration with NGOs in the framework of National Commission on
Democratic and Civil Society, is to be amended.

I think business sector should join our mutual activity on modernization
of Kazakhstan society. The close collaboration of these three sectors will
provide for improvement of business, social problems of the nation as well
as strengthening of stability and social progress.

Non-governmental organizations put forward an initiative on creation of
NGOs alliance. The Civil Alliance is to become a reliable partner of the
state in provision of rapid social modernization of the country. The
Alliance may participate in expertise of socially important draft laws to
adapt them to the interests and needs of the people.

I suggest establishing Social Experts Chamber, where NGOs representatives
may interact with legislative power. It can be established under Majilis.

Astana, September 12, 2005.


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