Kazakhstan: Language and culture preservation

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Language and culture preservation - common value and affluence of

PAVLODAR. September 21. KAZINFORM. /Vera Livintsova/ Leaders of the
national and cultural centers, representatives of oblast society Kazakh
Tili and officials of Pavlodar Culture and Languages Development
Department participated in the roundtable, devoted to the urgent issues of
the development of the language policy, at Pavlodar akimat.

Knowledge of languages reveals new opportunities to intercourse and
understand other nations better, city akim Bakir Demeuov said. Our society
welcomes the course of the state to train state, Russian and English
languages at schools. There are all possibilities for learning and
preservation of the native language, development of arts and crafts at
numerous Diasporas.

The roundtable participants highly appreciated activity of the national
and cultural centers united by Small Peoples Assembly of Kazakhstan.

Director of the National Revival School Karlygash Akhmetova reported on
the success of her 540 pupils. Studying in 16 languages the children are
brought up in the spirit of respect to the traditions and customs of other
nationalities though never locking in the national classes.

The role of Kazakh Tili oblast society in the promulgation of Kazakh
language and popularization of the contests for the Kazakh language
fluency amongst the Russian-speaking residents was highlighted as well.

Pavlodar akim congratulated the convened on the Day of the Kazakhstan
Peoples Languages and awarded the heads of the national and cultural
centers and leaders of Small Peoples Assembly of Kazakhstan, who
contributed to the strengthening of inter-ethnic accord, with diplomas and



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