British identity and English (only?)

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Yes. Though a pragmatist might say that while all
parties should be more sensitive to varying
conversational norms/politeness systems, the
immigrants are the ones who pay for any
misunderstanding, so the pressure is on them to learn
the dominant system (as with languages). You'll recall
in the movie, who was the job applicant and who was
the interviewer!
p.s. Where does an Old Labour sympathist find haven in
Britain's political spectrum these days? (throwing
darts at pictures of Tony Blair?)

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> Though the point of Crosstalk was that the
> 'immigrants' had different
> politeness systems from the 'indigenous'. So I
> suppose that those who
> promote a common culture for all Brits would say
> that 'immigrants' (and
> ethnic minorities) should learn the 'indigenous'
> ('mainstream') systems
> in order to assimilate. A 'multiculturalist' would
> say that both sides
> should be sensitised to the possibility of
> alternatives.
> I find it all very depressing.
> Anthea
> (old Labour (=old fashioned style of socialist), old
> multiculturalist)
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> I wasn't referring to "manners" in the etiquette
> sense, but rather in terms of the sorts of things
> highlighted in Gumperz's film -- interactional
> styles,
> implicit "codes" and expectations guiding
> conversation, etc. Certainly not agreed upon by all
> the people speaking English in Britain! (as the film
> shows). No doubt it would look quaint these days,
> but
> the arguments still hold.
> Aurolyn

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