Multicultural Policy 'is breeding racial hatred'

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Fri Sep 30 12:52:25 UTC 2005

>>From the London Times on-line:

The Times September 30, 2005

Multicultural policy 'is breeding racial hatred'

MULTICULTURALISM is a divisive political concept that has fomented racial
hatred and may have helped to produce the July 7 suicide bombers, a report
claims today. The report, from the right-of-centre think-tank Civitas,
criticises what it called hard multiculturalists, who insist that no
culture is better than any other and that society should celebrate

They simultaneously assert that no culture is better than another, but
they will happily elaborate that Western culture is actually inferior and
shy away from celebrating it for fear of causing offence, the report says.
We are witnessing the revolt of the civilised against civilisation. The
fruits of 30 years of state-endorsed multiculturalism have seen increased
inter-racial tension and inter-racial sectarianism, the report, titled The
Poverty of Multiculturalism, says. The fact that the London suicide
bombers were born and bred in Britain, and encouraged by the state to be
different, illustrates that hard multiculturalism has the capacity to be
not only divisive but decidedly lethal.

Patrick West, the reports author, discusses how Londons emergency services
recently decided to employ linguists to translate calls. Three million of
Londons eight million inhabitants do not speak English as a first
language, his report says. If everyone did speak English, such money could
be invested in the emergency services and save more lives. It is time that
we respected our own culture, as Westerners and Britons.,,22989-1804603,00.html

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