Ukraine: Party of Regions offers compromise version of national unity memo

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Wed Aug 2 12:44:33 UTC 2006

Party of Regions offers compromise version of national unity memo

01.08.2006, 14.06

KIEV, August 1 (Itar-Tass) -- The Political Council of Ukraines Party of
Regions has supported the wording of the memorandum called The Universal
of National Unity the partys leader, candidate for premiership Viktor
Yanukovich may sign. This is the approved version Yanukovich must press
for at talks with Viktor Yushchenko, Party of Regions faction member
Sergei Kivalov has said. He added that Yanukovich is not authorized to put
his signature to any version of the agreement other than that the Party of
Regions has approved of.

The Party of Regions draft offers two definitions of relations with NATO.
The basic option is mutually beneficial cooperation with NATO and a
referendum on whether the country should join the alliance. The compromise
option is mutually beneficial cooperation with NATO in compliance with the
law on the basics of the current version of the law on Ukraines national
security, a decision on Ukraines membership of NATO in a referendum, and
compliance with all of the procedures required for this. The attitude to
religious affairs is formulated as observance of the freedom of faith,
respect for the rights of all confessions and non-interference of the
state and political forces in inter-confessional relations.

The theme of relations with Russia in the version of the memorandum the
Party of Regions wants to be approved is described as development of
neighborly and mutually beneficial relations with Russia and the other
neighboring states, completion of the work regarding Ukraines
participation in the Common Economic Space on the principles of
multi-level and multi-speed integration in compliance with WTO norms and
rules and creation in the first phase of a free trade zone without any
restrictions or exemptions.

The Party of Regions language policy is confined to the enforcement of the
status of Ukrainian as the official language. At the same time the party
is for guarantees, in line with traditions and day-to-day requirements, of
the free development, use and protection of Russian and other languages
that are mother tongues of Ukraines citizens in accordance with the
Constitution and the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.

The action plan consists of 27 items. The draft says that all clauses of
the memorandum may be used as a basis for concluding a coalition agreement
and drawing up a future Cabinets policy.

The leaders of parliamentary factions with the participation of President
Viktor Yushchenko and parliamentary speaker Alexander Moroz are expected
to gather for a round-table conference Tuesday afternoon.

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