National Language Act introduced in the Senate; August 11th marks six years of E.O. 13166

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Thu Aug 10 00:34:29 UTC 2006

Received from English First. Oh, and if you live in Washington State,
don't accuse me of disseminating pro illegal immigration propaganda.

Michael Erard

>Dear Friend of English First,
>I have good news and bad news to report.
>First the bad. This Friday, August 11th, will mark
>the six-year anniversary of Clinton Executive
>Order 13166. E.O. 13166 requires all recipients
>of federal funds to function in any language anyone
>speaks on demand.
>Together, you and I have seen legislation
>introduced in both the House and Senate to
>repeal this dreadful relic of the Clinton
>Administration. That doesn't seem to matter.
>The Supreme Court rejected the case the
>Clinton Executive Order was based upon in 2001.
>That doesn't seem to matter.
>Senator Inhofe led a floor fight in the
>Senate to repeal E.O. 13166. He won. Then
>Senator Salazar offered a pro-E.O. 13166
>amendment and that won too.
>Remember these names. They tried to fool you:
>Republicans who switched their position by
>voting for Salazar's pro-E.O. 13166 English
>bill and thus undercut the Inhofe amendment
>they had just ostensibly voted for a few minutes
>beforehand were: Brownback (KS), Chafee (RI),
>Coleman (MN), DeWine (OH), Graham (SC), Hagel (NE),
>McCain (AZ), Murkowski (R-AK), Snowe (ME),
>Specter (PA), Voinovich (OH) and Warner (VA).
>Democrats who switched their position by voting
>for Salazar's pro-E.O. 13166 English bill and
>thus undercut the Inhofe amendment they had just
>ostensibly voted for a few minutes beforehand were:
>Baucus (MT), Byrd (WV), Carper (DE), Conrad (ND),
>Dorgan (ND), T. Johnson (SD), Landrieu (LA),
>Lincoln (AR), Nelson (NE), Nelson (FL), and Pryor (AR).
>The Good News
>On August 3, Senator Inhofe introduced the complete
>National Language Act, which is basically the
>original Inhofe amendment to the immigration bill
>PLUS a ban on bilingual ballots.  The bill number
>is S.3828.
>The politics of the Voting Rights Act, which passed
>98-0, were such that efforts to remove the bilingual
>ballot provisions of that bill were considered a
>suicide mission. Senator Coburn made an attempt to
>do so in the Senate Judiciary Committee and found no
>allies. So the choice was made to fight the bilingual
>ballot fight another day.
>That fight is now here, thanks to Senator Inhofe
>and his bill, S. 3828.
>Your two Senators need to cosponsor the Inhofe
>National Language Act right away.
>The Inhofe bill has a companion bill in the
>House, H.R. 4408, introduced by Congressman
>Peter King (R-NY), now chairman of the Homeland
>Security Committee. If your Representative is not
>a cosponsor of that bill, he or she should be
>encouraged to become one.
>August Recess Idea
>Your two Senators and your Congressman may be
>holding town meetings near you during the August recess.
>The only good thing in the Senate amnesty/guestworker
>bill is the Inhofe repeal of E.O. 13166. That
>amendment, added to the House "border security only"
>legislation, would make for a fine bill.
>Anything else, especially the Senate immigration
>bill without the Inhofe repeal of the Clinton
>Executive Order, would mean that 12 to 20 million
>illegal aliens and their familles plus any "guest
>workers" would be entitled to translation services
>into any language spoken on planet Earth at your
>city hall, your local DMV office and your local
>welfare agency.
>Amnesty recipients/guest workers would be eligible
>to apply for unemployment benefits in a foreign
>language. You and I would pay for the two
>translators required by the Clinton Executive
>Order and the videotaping of the process in case
>someone wishes to appeal.
>The Clinton Executive Order applies to your doctor
>and your local hospital. Not only will "free"
>medical care be provided to those without
>insurance, but if a translation error is made
>(and they will be made), the recipient of American
>generosity can then sue for malpractice.
>Senator Inhofe aptly described President Bush's
>continuation of the Clinton Executive Order on
>language as being on a collision course with his
>Administration's immigration policy.
>Amnesty/guest worker PLUS E.O. 13166 means a lot
>more of the money you would prefer to spend on
>your own families needs will instead be spent
>on the needs of millions of people who should
>not even be here.
>If your Congressman and/or your two Senators
>believe that you are weakening at all in your
>opposition to the Senate's amnesty/guestworker
>bill, they will shove it onto the President's
>desk as soon as they can.
>So should you hear of a local town meeting, please
>attend and stand up FOR official English and AGAINST
>amnesty/guestworker. Thank you.
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