Tamilnadu (India): 77% favor making Tamil compulsory in schools

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DMK-led front gains in popularity

 Chennai, August 18: A study conducted by Goodwill Communications Ltd on
the 100-day performance of the DMK government in Tamil Nadu has shown that
the DMK-led coalition has improved in terms of popularity with a swing of
over 4.01 per cent in its favour since the May 2006 general elections. On
the other hand, there has been a swing away from the AIADMK by over 4 per
cent in the three months after the polls., Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj, managing
director, Goodwill Communications, said. 70 women Self Help Group
co-ordinators were involved in this survey as interviewers. The women are
part of the Self Help Groups run by the Sornammal Education Trust managed
by K Pandia Rajan and Latha Pandia Rajan. Pandia Rajan is the founder of
the manpower and human resources consultancy and management company MaFoi.
Not a single sample gathered by these women could be rejected. Further,
the qualitative inputs they gave were rich and were critical in mapping
the indicators.

The survey was done between August, 9 14, 2006. 10,000 samples were taken
136 were rejected. That makes the total samples at 9,864. 124 field
workers were involved in the project.  The survey covered all the regions
of Tamil Nadu.  Data was consolidated, correlated and interpreted August
14 17.  Report made to the public on August 18. The classical stratified
random sampling method was adopted. In executing the survey categorisation
under region, age, profession, male-female was finely balanced.


* The Karunanidhi government does enjoy comfortable approval ratings -
* The individual rating for the Chief Minister is exceptionally high
(78%). His dynamism at this age appears to impress people. Even those who
had voted for AIADMK say that he is a respectable senior Tamil leader.
* The Rice for Rs 2 per kg scheme receives unanimous approval from people
all over Tamil Nadu (76%).
* Surprisingly, the highest approval has come in for making Tamil a
compulsory language in schools (77%). People say this is a very sensible
language policy as against having Tamil as the medium of instruction for
all subjects.
* Majority of the non-salaried general public feel that this government
pampers the government employees.
* Large scale transfer of higher officials is not seen favourably by the
* 59% of the respondents feel that a Jayalalitha government would do much
better on the law and order front.
* However, ironically 53% also feel that the best thing about the change
of Government is that the atmosphere of fear has gone.
* The predominant negative factor about Jayalalithaa is the perceived
"undemocratic conduct".

The survey has shown that southern Tamil Nadu which historically remained
the bastion of AIADMK is increasingly shifting towards the DMK-led
alliance. This trend was noticed in the last Assembly elections and it
appears to stabilise. That is good news for the DMK.

* The DMK front is clearly stabilising in the Cauvery delta region and
recovering in the northern Tamil Nadu.
* AIADMK continues to retain its dominance in the western Tamil Nadu.

The political chemistry of Chennai has changed radically. Large sections
of people have moved away from "party coloured politics" to enlightened
political choice. Majority say that they will vote for a party depending
on its performance and manifesto. Loyalty level to individual parties is
on the decline.

* The big bad news for DMK is that it does not attract the youth (68%) any
more. The DMK is not their preferred party.
* There is huge expectation about the free colour TV scheme (72%). They
are not happy about the announcement that this scheme will be implemented
in a structured manner (51%).
* The Vijaykanth phenomenon is the most interesting find of the survey.
Except in Chennai he manages to hold the loyalty of those who voted for
him in the last elections (91%). He has also managed to attract a small
section of people who voted for other parties, AIADMK and BJP in the last
elections. Most of those who had voted for him are youth and early middle
age category (76.43%). Of this, 93% say they will vote for him again if
elections will be held now. However in Chennai the story is different. 59%
of those who voted for him in Chennai in the last elections will not vote
for him if elections will be held now.

1. On the overall performance of the government:
Good: 67%.
Not Satisfied: 21%.
Do not know: 12%

2. On the personal performance of the Chief Minister:
Good 78%.
Not Satisfied: 8%
Do not know: 14%

3. On implementation of the election manifesto:
Yes: 64%
No: 23
Do not know: 13%

4. On the question of coalition government:
Present arrangement is good: 41%
Should have been a coalition government: 30%
Do not know: 29%

5. On the maiden budget presented by the Karunanidhi government
Very Good: 43%
OK: 37%
Not good: 11%
Do not know: 09%

6. On the performance of Jayalalithaa as Opposition leader:
Good : 41%
Not good: 39%
Do not know: 20%

7. On the performance of AIADMK as the principal opposition party:
Good: 31%
Not good: 56%
Do not know: 13%

8. To the 9,864 respondents voted in the 2006 May Assembly elections:
DMK + : 43%
AIADMK + : 38%
DMDK : 08%
BJP : 03%
Others : 08%

9. Which party will they vote if Assembly elections are held now:
DMK + : 47%
AIADMK + : 35%
DMDK : 8.5%
BJP : 2.5%
Others : 1%
Cant say : 6%
10. On governments stand and conduct in the Neyveli Lignite Corporation
disinvestments issue:Welcome : 67.5%
Not correct : 13.5%
Do not know: 19.0%

11. On banning The Davinci Code:Correct: 36.5%
Not correct: 32.5%
Do not know: 31.0%

12. On making Tamil a compulsory language of study in schools:
Welcome: 77%
Do not welcome : 08%
Do not know: 15%

13. On the contributions of Central ministers from Tamil Nadu to the
Doing good : 48%
Not enough : 36%
Do not know : 16%

14. When you compare the present government headed by Karunanidhi with the
previous government led by Jayalalithaa:
Better than the previous govt. : 47%
Not a big difference : 32%
Worse than the previous govt. : 21%

15. The best schemes introduced by the new government:
Per KG Rice for 2 Rupees : 76%
Tamil as compulsory language : 77%
Colour TV : 69%
Loan waiver to farmers : 34%
Sops to weavers : 27%
Increase in support grant to elders : 29%
Increase in marriage support grant : 31%
Two eggs in the mid day meal : 37%

16. Where the government erred:
Scrapping Uzhavar Pathukappu Thittam : 61%
Massive transfer of senior officers : 44%
No clarity in the distribution of colour TV : 41%
No clarity in the implementaiton of 2 acre land to landless farmers : 41%
Farmers loan waiver : 31%New arrangement for major, municipal elections :
Pampering Govt. employees : 37%

17. The other best performing minister:
1. M.K. Stalin
2. Anbazhagan
3. Ponmudi
4. Thangam Thennarusu
5. Durai Murugan
6. K.K.S.S.R. Ramachandran
7. Parithi Ilam Vazhuthi

18. Law and Order:
Good : 41%
Bad : 26%
Do not know : 33%

19. Negative Indicators:
1. Corruption at the lower levels : 67%
2. Council of ministers not dynamic : 41%
3. Price rise : 27%
4. Government is not properly connecting to people : 23%
5. Too much of freebies not good : 29%

20. Expectations of the General Public:
1. Fulfill the manifesto : 71%
2. Generate employment and livelihood opportunities: 67%
3. Law and Order: 54%
4. Control Prizes: 54%
5. Colour TV: 51%
6. Public health: 41%
7. Make Education affordable: 37%
8. Enhance Self-Help Groups: 37%
9. Better Civic amenities: 31%
10. Better Transportation: 29%

(R Rangaraj)



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