Bovine Dialectology

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Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps the farmers imitate the cows, rather
than the other way round?   I assume that everyone is aware of the brilliant
work of the late Luis Baptista on dialects in birdsong.  The distinction
between genetically determined and learned behavior in animal calls that
Janine Traffers-Daller refers to in her splendid interview may be less clear
than she assumes.  On birdsong, google Luis Baptista to learn more, or see
Donald Kroodsma, The Singing Life of Birds (2005) or Peter R. Marler & Hans
Slabbekoorn, The Science of Birdsong (2004).  But all of this has precious
little to do with language policy....

Humphrey Tonkin

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> Just in case you think that British linguists (including Wells) have
> lost their minds, you might want to hear a brilliant interview with
> Janine Treffers-Daller on this topic.
> It's a model to us all of how to deal with the public! And a very clear
> account of scientific methos.
> You can hear it from, Radio 4, Today Programme, Listen Again
> Wednesday 23 August, 8.37.
> Anthea
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