Eurolang Newsletter 1/12/06

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Fri Dec 1 14:40:18 UTC 2006

EBLUL: resounding endorsement from membership following successful

members have given a resounding endorsement to the NGO to continue its
work, following a successful conference in Dublin. Europe’s only
organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of lesser used
languages faces the future with a sound basis, an expanding network of
member state committees, and the strong support of its constituent

Your Language - Your Right

Under the slogan “ Dy Iaith – Dy Hawl” (Your Language – Your Right)
campaigners continue to press for stronger legislation that would
give more rights to Welsh speakers.

European Parliament hearing for Multilingualism Commissioner
Designate, Leonard Orban

new commissioner designate for Multilingualism the Romanian, Leonard
Orban, met the European Parliament yesterday in a hearing which was
dominated by the topic of stateless, regional or minority languages.

Mr. Haider replaces bilingual signs

On Wednesday (22/11/06) Carinthian Governor Jörg Haider removed the
bilingual town entry signs of Schwabegg - Žvabek and replaced them
with large monolingual German signs and much smaller Slovene
supplementary labels underneath.

Sardinian poetry: traditional song improvisation contests now

Rouanez ar forbanned, the first Breton manga comic published

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