Karnataka: Judge favours use of Kannada in courts

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Karnataka - Bangalore

Judge favours use of Kannada in courts

Staff Reporter

S. Abdul Nazir calls upon people in the information technology sector to
learn the language

Till 1950, Kannada was the language of the courts
English is now being used in the High Court

BANGALORE: A sitting Judge of the Karnataka High Court on Monday drew loud
applause and appreciation from advocates when he declared his support to
the request of people to make Kannada the language of the courts. The
Judge, S. Abdul Nazir, was speaking at the Suvarna Karnataka celebrations
organised on the High Court premises by the Bangalore Advocates'
Association. Mr. Nazir drew further appreciation when he said that Kannada
should be "learnt" by all people, particularly those in the information
technology (IT) sector. He said the demand of the people for according
primacy to Kannada should first be put into practice in Bangalore. He read
out lines from a Kannada poem asking people not to forget Kannada, and
said he would support the move for Kannada in courts.

Earlier, another judge, V. Gopal Gowda, had set the gathering of advocates
thinking by touching upon several issues relating to Kannada and the
culture of Karnataka. He called upon the people of the State to tread the
path of Kuvempu, Gopalakrishna Adiga and Shivaram Karanth and ensure that
Kannada literature grew into a vibrant movement. He too agreed on the need
to give judgments in Kannada. Earlier, writer and former Vice-Chancellor
of Hampi Kannada University Chandrashekara Kambara set the tone for the
function by forcefully making a plea for making Kannada the language of
the courts. He said till 1950, Kannada was the language of the courts. It
was only after the 1950s that English became the language of the courts.

Even now, English was being used in the High Courts, he said and urged the
judiciary to use Kannada instead. Mr. Kambara said in Tamil Nadu there was
a proposal to make Tamil the language of the High Court. President of the
Bangalore Advocates' Association D.L. Jagadeesh spoke. An exhibition
containing a variety of books in Kannada on law, short stories, poems,
dictionary and several other topics is being held on the Association
premises, High Court unit.


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