Germany: proposed ban on Turkish language

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Thu Dec 28 17:50:43 UTC 2006

T.G.D. Chairman Kolat Assesses Year 2006
Published: 12/27/2006

BERLIN - "Turks in Germany faced two confusions in 2006. On the one hand,
there was a historical turning point with integration summit and Islamic
Conference, and on the other, there was conscience test, bans on language
and negative developments about EU issue," said Kenan Kolat, chairman of
Turkish Community in Germany (TGD), who assessed year 2006 regarding Turks
in Germany.  He said, "bans on language in Germany were tragicomic. Some
politicians wanted the ban on language (which is applied in some schools)
to be implemented across Germany. This caused Turks in Germany to ask
whether it was an assimilation policy."

"Many incidents occurred in Germany in 2006. However, the most important
development was Turkish community`s breaking its silence. From now on,
Turks in Germany should pursue their organized struggle professionally,"
Kolat noted.


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