Language and culture - Nordic exports

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Language and culture - Nordic exports

Most of the bilateral Nordic cultural foundations are attending a
conference organised by Nordic Cultural Fund at Schaeffergrden outside
Copenhagen 3- 5 February. One of the themes being discussed is the
structural changes in the culture sector within the Nordic Council of
Ministers - from fixed structures to priority themes.

It is guaranteed to be a fascinating conference about Nordic languages and
culture. Where does the Nordic Region make a difference and distinguish
itself, if not in the cultural sphere? Are not culture and open democratic
social models the Region's most important exports? The Head of the the
Nordic Council of Ministers' Culture Department, Rigmor Duun Grande, will
open the conference. She will talk about bilateral Nordic cultural
co-operation, concentrating in particular on how to encourage closer
co-operation between the various funds and foundations, the Nordic Council
and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Other conference themes will include Nordic languages and national
education policies, e.g. the Nordic Language Council's proposal for a new
Nordic language policy will be discussed. On Sunday, the theme will be the
West Nordic Region and how to encourage closer co-operation with Iceland,
Greenland and the Faroe Islands at the same time as the rest of the Nordic
Region is forging closer links with the East. Sture Nslund, a former
editor at Swedish Radio will chair a panel debate on the issue.

The programme in full::

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