Roman script supporters to boycott Konkani meet

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Roman script supporters to boycott Konkani meet
NT Staff Reporter

Panaji Feb 6: The Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) today gave a call to the
real followers of Konkani language to boycott the silver jubilee literary
conference of the Akhil Bharatiya Konkani Parishad, scheduled to be held
at Kala Academy complex, here, from February 10 to 12, bringing to the
fore the sharp divide between the supporters of Konkani in Devnagri and
Roman scripts. The DKA president, Mr Wilson Mazarello, addressing a press
conference, today said that a symbolic rally will be held at Azad Maidan,
on February 10, to display an active support to Konkani in Roman script.

The rally is not a show of strength and will be participated by those who
support equal status for Konkani in both scripts, including around 30
noted Konkani writers, he added. Appealing to the Konkani lovers to
boycott the literary conference and openly show their protest, Mr
Mazarello said that DKA demands from the government an equal status to
Konkani written in Roman script at par with Konkani written in Devnagri
script in the Official Language Act 1987. Imposition of Devnagri script
and a particular dialect as the standard Konkani have resulted in driving
away the minority community from the Konkani language, he said, adding DKA
regrets to state that the imposition of Devnagri script for Konkani has
divided the Goan community.

Mr Mazarello further said, The Akhil Bharatiya Konkani Parishad, instead
of respecting the varieties of Konkani and thereby forging unity among the
various regions, communities, dialects and scripts, has caused irreparable
damage to the unity of Konkani, by adopting a retrograde policy of one
script, one dialect/ language, one literature, one community. Hence DKA
wants to end the injustice meted out to all the scripts of Konkani except
Devnagri, he noted. Through its above mentioned communal policy, the Akhil
Bharatiya Konkani Parishad is sowing the seeds of communal division,
hatred and disharmony in Goa and among followers of Konkani in various
scripts spread throughout the country, he said.

Mr Mazarello also mentioned that the Akhil Bharatiya Konkani Parishad is
not registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, and furthermore
remained an exclusive club of a fistful of persons and organisations to
get funds from government and public, to organise unproductive
conferences. No genuine attempt has been made by the parishad either to
include active registered bodies into it or promote Konkani language and
literature, he alleged. The DKA president also observed, since the Akhil
Bharatiya Konkani Parishad is not a registered society, it has no legal
status and right to ask for, or receive government grants, subsidies and

He further said, A coterie of writers who control Akhil Bharatiya Konkani
Parishad, also control and manipulate practically all the matters related
to Konkani at the state as well as central government level, in various
departments and institutions. The former president of DKA, Mr Tomazinho
Cardozo, speaking on the occasion said Though the Goa Konkani Akademi, at
the direction of the government, has started planning activities for Roman
Konkani, much is left desired for this script of Konkani.

Mr Cardozo also said that he is convinced about the futility in efforts to
unite Goans through one language and one script. Hows that possible when
large number of people have richly contributed towards Roman Konkani
literature and language, and furthermore all the religious events of the
Catholic community are conducted in Roman Konkani, he added.

Goem Shahir, Ulhas Buyao was also present at the press briefing.

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