Northern Cape Schools appeal against dual language policy ruling

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Schools appeal against dual language policy ruling
February 08, 2006, 11:15

Two Northern Cape schools have appealed against last year's Kimberley High
Court ruling instructing them to accommodate English speaking learners.
Seoding Primary School and Kalahari High School, both from Kuruman, have
presented their argument in court. The ruling awarded the Northern Cape
education deparment full powers to implement dual medium of instruction at
schools that previously conducted lessons in a single medium. Paul
Colditz, the school's legal representative, says mother tongue education
is the most important method in terms of the transfer of knowledge and

"These schools have been ordered to teach in dual medium which means that
learners of different language groups are forced to sit in the same
classroom. To be taught in two languages is detrimental, as far as the
schools are concerned, to the education of the children," Colditz said.


Article printout courtesy of the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

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