Uyghur Location Question

Francis M. Hult fmhult at
Thu Feb 23 05:39:25 UTC 2006

Does anyone have any insight into the most appropriate way to refer to the 
area where Uyghur is spoken?  Given the sociopolitical circumstances, what are 
the implications to saying variously that Uyghur is spoken in the Xinjiang 
Uyghur Autonomous Region, Uyghuristan, Chinese Turkestan, East Turkestan, or 
Western China?  I am working on a paper with a colleague and we are trying to 
determine the least offensive term.  The first and the last seem best to me 
but from what I've read it seems that someone could possibly find any of these 
terms politically problematic.  Any advice from folks who know the region 
would be most welcome.


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