Karnataka Government contemplates Three-language formula

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Thu Jun 8 13:25:54 UTC 2006

>>From The Hindu

Three-language formula in the offing in Karnataka

Bangalore, June 7 (PTI): The Karnataka Government is contemplating
introducing a three-language formula at the primary school level under
which it envisages introducing English as a subject from first standard in
Kannada medium schools. The issue would come up for discussion at the next
cabinet meeting and a final decision was expected to be taken by this
month end, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Basavaraj Horatti
told reporters here.

Under the proposed formula,the Government intends to make learning of
Kannada compulsory in all schools including private from first to fifth
standard, introduce English as a subject in all Kannada medium schools,
particularly in Government schools from first standard and withdraw its
earlier order making learning of Kannada an optional subject in schools
run by linguistic minorities, he said. The Government was keen on
introducing English from first standard in its schools to check the
onslaught of English medium schools and exodus of children to such

The strength in Government schools has been dwindling as parents have been
sending their wards to private english medium schools even in rural areas.
However,opinion among academicians and political leaders remain divided
over the issue of introducing English with a section favouring it and
other opposing, insisting that Kannada be made compulsory. Private
managements, which secured permission to start English medium schools
prior to 1994, have refused to make learning of Kannada compulsory.

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