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Journal Title: Journal of Sociolinguistics
Volume Number: 10
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2006


Perceptions of variation and change in German and Swedish address
Michael Clyne, Heinz Leo Kretzenbacher, Catrin Norrby, Doris Schpbach

'Where are you from?': Identifying place
Greg Myers

The semiotics of language ideologies in Singapore
Lionel Wee

Social stereotypes, personality traits and regional perception displaced:
Attitudes towards the 'new' quotatives in the U.K.
Isabelle Buchstaller

Research Note

Reading 'TH': Vernacular variants in Pasifika Englishes in South Auckland
Donna Starks, Hayley Reffell

Book Reviews

Discourse, the Body, and Identity
Martin J. Malone

Language in Jewish Society: Towards a New Understanding
Sarah Bunin Benor

Central Tagbanwa: A Philippine Language on the Brink of Extinction
Frank Smedley

Discourse and Power in a Multilingual World
Tommaso M. Milani

Gender Talk: Feminism, Discourse and Conversation Analysis
Joan Swann

Talk and Social Theory
Kanavillil Rajagopalan

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