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Education victory for Irish in Northern Ireland

Gaelic activists in the North of Ireland scored a significant victory
this week after it was announced that a recommendation to decrease the
status of the language in the education system had been dropped from a
new Draft Education Bill presented to the Westminster Parliament on

Liet-Lavlut song contest set to showcase new songs in Manx, Votian,
Romani and Meankieli

This year's edition of the minority language song contest Liet-Lavlut
in Östersund, Sweden, will present eleven new songs in European
lesser-used languages. Five of those eleven are songs in languages
which have never participated in the song contest before. These
languages are: Meankieli, Romani, Manx, Votian and Swedish Finnish.
The jury of Liet-Lavlut chose the eleven finalists out of more than 60
entries in 25 languages.

Honouring 'The Welsh Rosa Parks'

Known as 'The Welsh Rosa Parks' Eileen Beasley, a lady now in her 80s,
was honoured in a ceremony in Aberystwyth on Saturday.

EBLUL's Partnership for Diversity 2006 goes to Skye

The next Partnership for Diversity conference will take place on the
Isle of Skye, Scotland, on the 29th – 30th June. The Partnership for
Diversity Conference is an ongoing project of the European Bureau for
Lesser-Used Languages and has become the key and influential meeting
point for all those working and interested in the field of lesser-used

In brief / en bref:

European Parliament Intergroup appalled at dire situation of Alsacian
language and culture

Wanted : an Irish medium medium!

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