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Modern Approaches to Terminological Theories and Applications
Series Title: Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication.
Vol. 36 (2006)
Publisher: Peter Lang

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This volume comprises contributions originally presented at the 15th
European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes held at the
University of Bergamo on 29 August - 2 September 2005. The volume is
divided into four parts: Approaches to Terminological Theories; Terms in
Discourse;  Knowledge Elicitation, Ordering and Management; Term
Extraction and Terminographical Work. The research presented in the
various contributions to this volume clearly indicates that terminology as
an inter- and transdisciplinary field of knowledge is firmly developing
its theoretical foundations and practical applications in accordance with
and within the framework of its overall goal: to ensure and to augment the
quality of communication with professional content.


- Heribert Picht: Preface
- Serguey D. Shelov/Vladimir M. Leitchik: Terminology Science in Russia:
	Social Needs and Object Content
- Larissa Alexeeva/Valentina Novodranova: A Cognitive Approach to
- Nina Pilke/Birthe Toft: The Theoretical Foundations of the Nordic
	Approach to Terminology
- Marie-Claude L'Homme: A Look at some Canadian Contributions to
- Rute Costa: Plurality of Theoretical Approaches to Terminology
- Gerhard Budin: Terminology Studies in the German-Speaking Communities
- Margaret Rogers/Sue Ellen Wright: Approaches to Terminological Theories:
	The Anglo-Saxon Approach
- Bassey E. Antia/Richard Kamai: African Issues
	in Terminology: An Educational Perspective
- Elizabeth Schlomann Lowe/Sue Ellen Wright: The Life and Works of Alfred
	Schlomann: Terminology Theory and Globalization
- Christer Laurn/Heribert Picht: Approaches to Terminological Theories: A
	Comparative Study of the State-of-the-Art
- Maria Giovanna Nigro: The Language of Tourism as LSP - A Corpus-Based
	Study of the Discourse of Guidebooks
- Jan Roald : Polylexicalit : Examen structurel  la lumiere du discours
- Bettina Mottura: The Changing Terminology of Chinese Public
- Walther v. Hahn: Merging Computer-Readable Heterogeneous Terminological
	Material: The ManageLex Tool
- Christer Laurn: An Expert System: Guessing and Entertaining when Solving
	a Problem
- Elizabeth Marshman/Marie-Claude L'Homme: Disambiguating Lexical Markers
	of Cause and Effect Using Actantial Structures and Actant Classes
- Niina Nissil: Concept Systems in the Balance Sheet
- Ana Mara Monterde Rey: "Genesis": Programa Informtico Dirigido a
	Estudiantes de Terminologa para la Generacin de Sistemas de Conceptos
- Cristina Valentini: Sviluppo di Risorse Documentali e Terminologiche per
	la Didattica dei Linguaggi Specialistici: Il Sito Terminologico ITSHEwb
- Magnar Brekke: Domain-Focal Terms and the Lexical Delimitation of
- Patrick Drouin: Termhood: Quantifying the Relevance of a Candidate Term
- Nina Pilke: Terminological Equivalence in Parallel Texts
- Natascia Ralli/Isabella Ties: Corpora e Terminologia: Applicazioni
	Pratiche in Bistro.

The Editor:

Heribert Picht was until 2005 Professor of Terminology, LSP and Knowledge
Representation at Copenhagen Business School and the Norwegian School of
Economics in Bergen. His research work and publications are related to
terminology theory, applied terminology, knowledge representation,
semiotics related to terminology and terminology didactics. His most
recent publications are "La representacin de objetos y conceptos" (2002), "The
Concept in Terminology. A Unit of Thought, Knowledge or Cognition?"
(2003), "Ueberlegungen zum Gegenstand und zum Begriff in der Terminologie" (2004).

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