Call to teach Amazigh language in Morocco

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Thu Mar 2 14:11:40 UTC 2006

>>From  Morocco

Call to teach Amazigh language in university, Minister

Morocco TIMES  2/28/2006 | 7:57 pm GMT

Minister of National Education, Higher Studies, Staff training and
Scientific Research Habib El Malki called, on Tuesday in Rabat, on his
department staff and the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM) to
think about the creation of departments and curricula specialised in
teaching the Amazigh language and culture as of the next new academic
year, MAP news agency reported.

During a meeting between the Ministry of National Education and the IRCAM,
the Minister called on the mixed commission to work on the technical
questions related to teaching the Amazigh language. El Malki also called
on the commission to prepare for a meeting with the presidents of the
universities, in order to study the proposals expressed during this
meeting and think about the modalities of integration of the Amazigh
language and culture in the publications of the ministry.

The reinforcement of programmes of teaching the Amazigh language and
culture on the fourth Moroccan channel Arrabia (Educative Channel), in
collaboration with the IRCAM, was also part of the Minister's
recommendations during this meeting.


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