Consultant needed in Mayan

Olga Zatsepina olga at
Thu Mar 2 23:57:01 UTC 2006

Dear Miriam,

Will you, please, read the attachments about the Symposium we are doing at
Lehman, CUNY. Could you, please, put this flier out to the board in the
office and in other places of the College where there might be an interest
for such thing?

Thank you very much,

All the best,


Olga Zatsepina, PhD, President,  RACH-C      
"The Russian American Cultural Heritage Center"      212-567-5834

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Dear Colleagues,

An attorney in New York City (and a friend and neighbor of mine), John
P. Vayda,  has requested a consultant in "Ancient Mayan."
I am hoping that one of you out there might have some ideas for him. I
am copying this note to him (email, above), so you can contact him
directly if you have a suggestion, or a clarification question in terms
of what he needs. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with me, and
I'll relay the message.

Miriam ee

Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth, Ph.D.
<MEE1 at>
Director of Doctoral Programs in Multilingual Multicultural Studies
New York University,635 East Building
239 Greene St., New York, NY 10003

phone: 212-998-5195 

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