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Thu Mar 9 14:33:24 UTC 2006

>>From the Romeo (MT) Observer

 State Reps. ratify new graduation conditions

      Legislation establishing more rigorous high school graduation
requirements was approved by the state House, Thursday, March 2.As of now,
the law establishes only one statewide course requirement to graduate from
high school, a semester of civics. If passed, the bill would require
students to successfully complete four credits in English language arts;
four credits of math: Algebra, algebra II, geometry, and one additional
course; three credits in science: Biology, physics or chemistry, and one
additional course; three credits of social studies; one credit in health
and physical education and one credit in visual, performing and applied
arts to graduate.

       The legislation includes that a foreign language policy be
developed and approved by state education officials.  School districts
will then be encouraged to follow that policy.  Another requirement in the
bill is that course content be developed utilizing experts from colleges
or universities, the business community, vocational education providers,
teachers, administrators, government officials and parents. That
information will be available for the public to analyze and comment on
prior to being submitted for approval.

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