New course for Indigenous language teachers

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New course for Indigenous language teachers

Then listen up:  the Koori Centre at The University of Sydney, has just
launched its Masters of Indigenous Languages Education Now that the NSW
education system enables students to study an Aboriginal language from
first starting school through to Higher School Certificate, there will be
an increased demand for Indigenous language teachers.

The Koori Centre's Masters program is the only program of its kind and is
only available to Aboriginal students who have a four year teaching
qualification (either a Bachelor of Education, or a three year degree and
a Diploma of Education, or hold other qualifications acceptable to the
Koori Centre). The course is held in block mode with students travelling
on to campus six times a year for a week at a time. Students who live more
than 1.5 hours travelling time from the University will have their travel,
meal and accommodation expenses covered by Commonwealth government

The course does attract HECS fees but, because the course is in a national
priority area, the amount of HECS levied will be in the lowest band.
Students may elect to pay their HECS upfront and receive a discount, or
defer payment to the future through income tax payments. The course
includes linguistics for Indigenous languages, and components in teaching
Indigenous languages such as Theories & Methods in Language Learning;
Language Curriculum Development; Technology & Language Learning.

>>From 2007 the Koori Centre is proposing to introduce a Graduate
Certificate and Graduate Diploma of Indigenous Languages Education.
Candidates who have successfully completed two years of a recognised
teaching qualification will be eligible for entry to the Graduate
Certificate which will consist of four of the units of study from the
Masters program. Students who successfully complete the Graduate
Certificate will be eligible to complete two further units of study and
qualify for the Graduate Diploma, or complete the remaining four and
qualify for the Masters.

If you would like further information about the Masters of Indigenous
Languages Education contact Carol Speechley on (02) 9351 7008 or email on
carol at

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