Ulster Scots nameplates next for Moyle

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Fri Mar 10 12:46:42 UTC 2006

Ulster Scots nameplates next for Moyle

MOYLE District Council has been warned to brace itself for an influx of
requests for street nameplates in the Ulster Scots language.
The warning follows council's implementation of a policy to permit the
erection of additional nameplates in languages other than English.
Already council has been inundated with requests from residents throughout
the district for street names to be in Irish.

Chief District Building Control Officer, Mr Kelly revealed that the most
recent requests submitted were from residents of Tully Crescent, Glenville
Crescent, Cairns Road and Cairn View, Cushendall. Letters were sent to
residents of each street, aged 18 or over, together with a questionnaire
asking whether or not they would be in favour of the erection of a dual
nameplate in Irish. A total of 96 per cent of residents of Tully Crescent
said they were in favour as did 100 per cent of residents in Glenville
Crescent, Cairns Road and Carn View.

Mr Kelly added: "In each case since more than two thirds of those who
responded are in favour of the proposal, it is recommended that council
proceed with the erection of additional nameplates in the Irish language."
Councillor Helen Harding asked how much the dual nameplates were costing

She said: "Is it right that when you contact people in various estates
requesting name plates that you have to write to every single person in
the house. If there are six people there that is six letters to one
house." Mr Kelly confirmed that each resident over 18 received a letter.
Councillor Harding demanded that members receive full costings including
postage and administration? Whilst Councillor Robert McIlroy asked whether
council had agreed costings? "There are going to a lot more requests for
additional nameplates coming in shortly and they won't be for Irish. Have
we put the costings for all of this together? "I would like to think
council would be inclusive in this day and age.  Requests are going to
come in for other languages but it is going to be a heavy cost to
council." Vice Chairman Price McConaghy said that although there had to be
equality the whole thing was "nonsense and a waste of money". Mr Kelly
also informed councillors that letters had been received from residents of
Fairhead Road in Ballycastle and Cloghs Road, Cushendall requesting the
erection of additional street nameplates in the Irish language.

"In keeping with policy procedures it is now recommended that surveys be
conducted with residents requesting their views on the nameplates," he
said. Meanwhile, Chairman Oliver McMullan said the two local Ulster Scots
groups had been invited to the council chamber but to date they hadn't
replied. "I would appeal to the Ulster Scots groups to accept the
invitation," he added.

09 March 2006

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