Schools in Scotland to offer Urdu at Higher level for the first time

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Sun Mar 12 14:02:59 UTC 2006

from BBCNews

Pupils set for Higher Urdu exam

Schools in Scotland are set to offer pupils the opportunity to study the
Urdu language at Higher level for the first time.  Previously pupils were
only able to take the subject to Standard Grade, with about 180 studying
it at present. Campaigners had lobbied for academic recognition for Urdu
and wanted to give people the chance to study it in depth. The Scottish
Qualifications Authority (SQA) confirmed it will offer the new Higher
subject from next year.

Classes in Higher Urdu will be available from August 2007, with first
certification in August 2008. The new course will allow for progression
from Standard Grade Urdu.
 The development of the Higher is a direct response to demand from the
community SQA spokesman The victory for campaigners has come despite the
SQA's present policy of axing some Highers which have a modest take-up. A
spokesman for the SQA said there was a sound business case for the new
Higher Urdu exam.

It is the first time a non-European language has been recognised at Higher
level. The SQA said Urdu qualifications were a vital part of provision for
the "new Scotland". A spokesman said: "The development of the Higher is a
direct response to demand from the community. "It is important we have
Scottish provision."

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Executive added: "We are pleased that Urdu
will be offered as a Higher from 2007. "We have supported those moves for
a while and welcome anything that offers pupils more choice and
opportunity within the curriculum."

Story from BBC NEWS:

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