U.S. 'wink' policy let illegals in

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Tue May 2 12:50:52 UTC 2006

>>From the Southwest Florida Herald-Tribune

U.S. 'wink' policy let illegals in

The United States has the sovereign right to secure its borders and
dictate its own immigration policy. Any law that gives preference to an
alien over an American citizen should be stricken from the books. But
there's more to the immigration story. My German ancestors came to this
country legally, but I don't doubt that if they had lived near the
southern U.S. border instead of an ocean away, they would have illegally
entered the U.S. in pursuit of a better life. Also, like other European
immigrants, they didn't speak English when they arrived here, and didn't
speak a whole lot more English before they died.  This was especially true
among immigrant mothers who were busy taking care of their children, among
other things. These same parents were extremely proud that their children
learned the English language and American customs in the public schools.

Today, many people refer to illegal immigrants as "criminals," which, to
say the least, is mildly disingenuous and highly hypocritical. Consider:
It's no longer a secret that since 1980, when President Reagan's
trickle-down economics was in vogue, cheap labor was allowed to enter the
country, to the delight of corporate America. This "wink" at the border
continued unabated right through the Clinton '90s, fueling the huge stock
market gains, which again thirsted for cheap labor, both here and abroad.
So, if anything is criminal or anyone is at fault, it would be the many
eager American employers. Most illegal immigrants come from countries that
are politically powerless and heavily dependent on America's whims and
fancies in terms of reforms that don't meet Washington's approval. People
don't want to be immigrants.  They would be more than happy to live out
their lives among family, friends and people who share similar customs and

Mike Englehart


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