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Breton Assises calls for language rights; regional councillors seek to
get Breton issues on the election agenda

The Glenmor Centre in Karaez (Carhaix), Brittany, was packed over the
weekend for the Breton Assises hosted by the Breton Cultural Council
and the Breton Cultural Institute with representatives from Breton
civil society including various language NGOs and political parties.

Skol Veur Yaouankiz Breizh focuses on fundamental rights

The University for Breton Youth took place over the weekend at the
Diwan Lise in Karaez (Carhaix), Brittany, focusing this year on the
problems faced by language minorities, stateless nations and their
lack of fundamental rights.

Survey Shows Increase in Use of Welsh

The Welsh Language Board has published a report on its 2004 Welsh
Language Use Survey today which shows that a high proportion of Welsh
speakers use the language daily. The Survey showed that 62% of all
those who could speak Welsh and 88% of the fluent speakers said that
they spoke Welsh daily.

Slovenia adopts legislation for Slovenes abroad

Slovene minorities in Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy now enjoy a
new legislative provision that empowers the government of the Republic
of Slovenia to pay more attention and give greater support to
Slovenian minorities in neighbouring countries.

Small steps forward for minorities in the Czech Republic

In an interview with Eurolang, the Secretary Director of the Czech
Council of National Minorities, Dr Andrej Sulitka, discusses expected
legislative changes, and his opinion about the extent to which
minority protection measures may be applied in the Czech Republic
based on current and planned legislation.

Commission signals support for a new network to promote lesser used

European Commission DG Education and Culture hosted a well attended
conference in Brussels gathering many of Europe’s lesser used language
experts. The theme focused on education in lesser used languages with
the Commissioner Ján Figel indicating that in 2007 the Commission may
support a new network to promote regional and minority languages in

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