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Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
Volume Number: 21
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2006

Table of contents

Contents iiiiv

Universal constraints and local conditions in Pidginization: Case studies
from New Guinea William A. Foley 144

The variability of literary dialect in Jamaican creole: Thelwell's The
Harder They Come Edgar W. Schneider and Christian Wagner 4596

Down for the count? The Creole Origins Hypothesis of AAVE at the hands of
the Ottawa Circle, and their supporters John R. Rickford 97155

Children and creole genesis John Victor Singler 157173

Contact languages as "endangered" languages: What is there to lose?  Paul
B. Garrett 175190

Germanic standardizations: Past to present. Edited by Ana Deumert and Wim
Vandenbussche, 2003.  Reviewed by John Holm 191194

An introduction to contact linguistics. By Donald Winford, 2003.
Reviewed by Pieter Muysken 194197

The syntax of Cape Verdean Creole. By Marlyse Baptista, 2002.  Reviewed by
Philippe Maurer 197203

Languages in contact. The partial restructuring of vernaculars. By John
Holm, 2004 Reviewed by Milton M. Azevedo 204208

Creole formation as language contact. By Bettina Migge, 2003 Reviewed by
James Essegbey 208214

If I could turn my tongue like that. The creole language of Pointe Coupee
Parish, Louisiana. By Thomas A. Klingler, 2003 Reviewed by Albert Valdman

Early forms of aboriginal English in South Australia, 1840s1920s. By
Robert Foster, Paul Monaghan & Peter Mhlhuser, 2003 Reviewed by Diana
Eades 221224

Pijin. A trilingual dictionary. By Christine Jourdan with the
collaboration of Ellen Maebriu, 2002 Reviewed by Melina Magdalena 224228


Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
Volume Number: 20
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2005

Table of contents


The "basic locative construction" in Gbe languages and Surinamese creoles
James Essegbey 229267

Systemic Transfer, Topic Prominence, and the Bare Conditional in Singapore
English Bao Zhiming and Lye Hui Min 269291

Column Applied Creolistics Revisited Jeff Siegel 293323

Obituary Terry Crowley 19532005

Jeff Siegel 325343

Short Notes Where have all the children gone?  Carla L. Hudson Kam 345351


Serial verbs in Oceanic: A descriptive typology. By Terry Crowley. Oxford
University Press. 2002.  Reviewed by Miriam Meyerhoff 353363

Atlas of the languages of Suriname. Ed. by Eithne Carlin & Jacques Arends.
KITLV Press Leiden.2002.  Reviewed by Laurence Goury 364369

Recent development in creole studies. Ed. by Dany Adone. Tuebingen: Max
Niemeyer Verlag. 2003.  Reviewed by Teresa A. Griffith 369374

Creole discourse: Exploring prestige formation and change across Caribbean
English-lexicon creoles. By Susanne Muehleisen. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia.
John Benjamins. 2002.  Reviewed by Pauline Christie 374377

Talking rhythm stressing tone: The role of prominence in Anglo-West
African creole languages. By Hubert Devonish. Jamaica. Arawak
Publications. 2002 Reviewed by Michael C. Cahill 378382

An Arabic creole in Africa: The Nubi language of Uganda. By Ineke Wellens.
2003.  Reviewed by Alan S. Kaye 382387

Pidgin grammar. An introduction to the creole language of Hawai'i. By Kent
Sakoda and Jeff Siegel. Honolulu. Bess Press. 2003.  Reviewed by Suzanne
Romaine 387392

Entwisted tongues: Comparative creole literatures. By George Lang.
Amsterdam/Atlanta. Editions Rodopi. 2000.  Reviewed by Glenn Gilbert

Language in Jamaica. By Pauline Christie. Jamaica. Arawak Publications.
2003.  Reviewed by Susanne Muehleisen 395398

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