US Senate decides to make English its official language

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Sat May 20 16:26:39 UTC 2006

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US decides to make English its official language

Quick off the mark

By Nick Farrell: Friday 19 May 2006, 15:23

THE US SENATE has formally decided that English will be the official
language of the former British colony.  The move is part of the major
attempt to overhaul immigration policy and was approved by 63-34. The law
will require the government to 'preserve and enhance' the role of English,
without altering current laws that require some government documents and
services be provided in other languages. As Tennessee Republican Lamar
Alexander said: "English is part of our national identity. It's part of
our spirit. It's part of our blood. It's part of who we are."

We assume, in traditional English style, that means that he would not
lynch or shoot anyone who disagrees with him. It is not clear if adopting
English means that Microsoft will now have to use proper UK English rather
than that bastardised US English it has been peddling on Microsoft Word
for years. Nor whether Yanks will now learn to speak proper.

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