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Frisian schoolchildren drop French in favour of Frisian

In the northernmost Frisian town of Dokkum dozens of schoolchildren
have decided to follow Frisian lessons next year instead of French.

European Parliament Intergroup demands that France ratifies the ECRML,
FCNM and that the EU intervene to protect minoritised languages

European Parliament lesser-used language and national minority
Intergroup met in Strasbourg on Thursday with representatives from
EBLUL France, comprising Bretons, Alsacians, and Occitans, and the
Association of the French Regions. Following the meeting, Intergroup
President and Hungarian Socialist Csaba Tabajdi (PES) issued a
Declaration demanding that France ratify the European Charter for
Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) and the Framework Convention
for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM). Furthermore, Mr
Tabjadi called for the EU to intervene to help the languages on French
territory that are now facing endangerment because of State policies
that have led to serious decline.

Germans of Slovenia demand official recognition

The umbrella organisation of the German minority in Slovenia, the
Association of German Cultural Organisations in Slovenia, has sent a
formal letter of request to the government demanding official
recognition. A copy was also sent to the Austrian embassy in
Ljubljana. The minority also appealed for Austrian government support
to achieve this objective.

Huge turnout for Basque-medium schools festival in Iparralde

Big Brother clamps down on speaking Welsh


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