Ireland: FG language policy slammed

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Tue May 23 12:22:57 UTC 2006

MONDAY 22/05/2006 14:56:46
FG language policy slammed

Supporters of the Irish language have criticised Enda Kenny by claiming
his policy on Gaelic will lead to it being undermined on a nationwide
basis. The Fine Gael leader says he will scrap Irish as a compulsory
subject for leaving cert if he wins the next general election. But Conradh
na Gaeilge says this makes little sense especially as Irish is due to
become an official European Union language next January. President of the
organisation Daithi Mac Carthaigh said the proposals would have hugely
negative reprecussions.

Comment 1:

  On 23 May at 08:32 - Ruth from Limerick said:

If Irish were no longer compulsory maybe Conradh na Gaelige, and the rest
would see how few people want to spend 13 years learning the language.
It''s no longer a real spoken language, and shouldn''t be kept ''alive''
artificially. Let those who are interested learn and speak it, and leave
the rest of us alone. The present policy means we all grow up hating
irish, it would have a much better image if it were an optional subject. I
think Enda Kenny is speaking for the majority on this, and i''d be
delighted if irish were no longer compulsory when my daughter sits her
leaving cert in 10 years time.

Comment 2:  On 23 May at 10:52 - Padraig O Braonain from Oran Mor Co.
Galway said:

It is a national disgrace how successive Irish governments have neglected
our beautiful language. The advancement of Irish in Ireland should be top
priority. But instead we now have this ultra conservative Fine Gael party
wanting to wipe it out entirely from an important part of our education
system. Take note, when it comes to vote. A people without a language of
its own is only half a nation. A nation should guard its language more
than its territories, tis a surer barrier and a more important frontier
than mountain or river. -Tomas Davis Padraig O Braonain Oran Mor Galway

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