Kazakhstan needs new concept of state language development

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Kazakhstan needs new concept of state language development

ASTANA. May 26, 2006. KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/

 At yesterday's round table "State language: future of Kazakhstan" held at
the Senate of Kazakhstan Parliament Culture and Information Minister
Yermukhamet Yertysbayev introduced a report defining the most relevant
problems of langue policy. It is time to search for new ways of state
language development, to create brand new concept and to plan arrangements
in accordance with it, he said.

To achieve actual result in this sphere we should set specific goals, the
Minister stressed. First, it is necessary to provide for usage of the
Kazakh language by state bodies and departments and in all spheres of
social life in accordance with its status of state language and in
conformity with State Program Functioning and Development of Languages for
2001-2010. Second, to obtain precise information concerning its usage it
is proper to study actual situation with the state language in the
republic. For this purpose Culture and Information Ministry and Committee
for Languages are to create all conditions and conduct all necessary

Third, it is essential to elaborate assessment system of linguistic
proficiency of public bodies officials, employees of various enterprises
and educational institutions and only then check their competence in
language. According to Mr. Yertysbayev it is crucial to allot funds from
republican budget on courses of state language for those wishing to study
it.  Committee for Languages is supposed to control spending of the funds
as per their intended purpose. Culture and Information Ministry will
establish system for maintenance and development of languages through
promotion of Committees role and initiation of territorial bodies in all
regional centers. We will achieve success in this sphere if only there is
single authorized public agency for management, training and financing of
languages in the republic.

Republican Center for advanced training of state language under Committee
for Languages will be the central establishment for working out
requirements and study technique of the Kazakh language and formation of
sole training system with branches all over Kazakhstan. One of the key
points of Ministers report was dedicated to analysis of new language
policy. Nowadays the majority of Kazakhstanis use the Russian language in
their speech. The Kazakh language occupies the second place in life of
Kazakhstans citizens. The aim of the new language policy is to promote
usage of state language up to the level of the Russian one. In his report
the Minister underlined that to achieve an ambitious goal on accession to
the 50 most competitive countries of the globe it is crucial to withstand
language competition.

To solve the abovementioned problems to the full the Ministry elaborates
new program on support and development of languages for 2007-2010.


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