Conference: MultiMeDialecTranslation 2007

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MultiMeDialecTranslation 2007

Date: 10-May-2007 - 12-May-2007
Location: Bologna,Forl, Italy
Contact: Giovanni Nadjani
Contact Email:
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MultiMeDialecTranslation 2007 - Third International Conference of Dialects
and Multimedia

The conference is directed at academics from various disciplines as well
as translators and students who are interested in the translation of
dialects in multimedia contexts. The conference will concentrate on a
complex, interdisciplinary subject area involving linguistics,
communication studies, film studies and translation studies as well as
other areas of cultural studies, sociology and other disciplines. The main
topics to be covered at the conference include dubbing, subtitling films
in dialect and linguistic varieties;  theatre translation; cultural
transfer processes in the characteristics of dialects;  archaisms,
regionalisms, varieties in the continuum between dialect and standard
language; diglossia (national language and regional or local language;
''official'' and ''non official'' language); the use of new technologies
in the translation of dialect.

To these areas the Host Committee welcomes proposals for 20-minute papers.
Papers are welcome in the conference languages indicated. Conference
languages:  Italian, English, German, Spanish, French. Papers presented in
languages other than English will require a further abstract in English to
be distributed as a hand-out during their presentation.

Keynote speech

Keynote speakers will introduce the different sections of the conference.
Michael Cronin (Dublin City University)
Ernest W.B. Hess-Luettich (Universitat Bern)
David Ar Rouz (Universite Rennes 2)

Thematic areas

New Technologies (Internet, Digital Supports, etc.) in/and the Translation
(dialect, vernacular, linguistic varieties, regional or local language,
''non official'' language, ''defeated'' language, ''minor not
safeguarded'' language, etc)  the Translation of Dialect in Screen
Translation (Dubbing, Subtitling, etc.)  the Translation of Dialect in
Stage Translation (Theatre, Opera, Cabaret, Song, etc.)  the Translation
of Dialect in Other Media Dialect, Translation and Multimodality the Role
of Multimedia Translation for Dialect Surviving Dialect in Multimedia
Translations and Translations Studies

The deadline for sending abstracts in one of the official Conference
languages AND in English (500 words) is February 28, 2007 The Scientific
Committee will return its decision around 15th March

31st March 2007 submission of a corrected abstract for publication on the
conference website 15th April 2007 submission of a biosketch 30th April
2007 submission of a zipped .ppt file of the presentation

Registration is required in order to take part in the conference. After
registration is completed, you will be assigned an individual code, which
will allow you to complete payment.

Payment should be made soon after you register. If this is not possible,
please note that payment should be completed within 5 days following

130 before March. 30th 150 after March. 30th 20 for University students
and Post-Graduate students

Contact address (please label message subject ''MMDT2007''):


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