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Harold Schiffman haroldfs at
Sun Nov 5 17:18:30 UTC 2006

Dear Joshua and others,

I will continue to forward some of them; as it is I already do some
selection, because even with the generic "language policy" "google alert" I
get a lot of messages that have the terms "language" and "policy" in them
but often it's about some other kind of policy, such as banking or sports,
with the word "language" used to mean "connected text." So I already ignore
those; with the blogs, it's even more problematical, and time-consuming.
I'll try to keep them relevant...


On 11/4/06, JoshuaAFishman at <JoshuaAFishman at> wrote:
> Dear Harold: I would prefer to continue receiving the Google material and
> to
> discard what i don't want myself. No pre-screening! I rely on your
> judgement.
> Joshua
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