Third Millenium Foundation (TMF) Intolerance Reduction Post-Doc Opportunity

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 University of Pennsylvania

 Intolerance Reduction Post-Doctoral Program

 Sponsored by the
Third Millennium Foundation 650 Madison Avenue 18th Floor New York, New York 10022

 Tel: 212.421.5244     Fax: 212.421.5243

 Program Description

 The Third Millennium foundation (TMF) is pleased to announce the
> opening of its application pool for a two-year post-doctoral
> position in the Intolerance Reduction Program at the Graduate
> School of Education, University of Pennsylvania.  This opportunity
> will support one post-doctoral fellow to conduct research and teach
> in the field of human rights and tolerance education. The focus of
> the program is on “unlearning intolerance” among children and/
> or youth in formal and/ or informal educational settings that are
> critical to practitioners or policymakers’ work.
> The successful candidate will be awarded:
> ·       A stipend for two academic years, correspondent to a 9
> month residency from September 2007-June 2008, and a 9 month
> residency from September 2008-June 2009.  TMF will reimburse the
> research fellows’ home institution for their salary and benefits.
> ·       Operational space including a private office, computer,
> high speed internet access, and telephone;
> ·       Library access;
> ·       Opportunity to publish work on the TMF website;
> ·       Use of conference rooms at GSE for workshops and
> presentations;
> Research on Tolerance Education in Children and Youth
> The Intolerance Reduction Program seeks to expand research on the
> root causes of intolerance with special regard for its social,
> cultural, historical, economic, political, and/ or religious
> factors/ influences.  Analysis should provide insight into
> innovative preventative and restorative approaches to teaching and
> learning that encourage nonviolent means of resolving conflict,
> increase respect for human dignity and difference, develop critical
> thinking skills, and instill a sense of responsible citizenship
> among children and/ or youth with a particular emphasis on children
> in grades prek-3.  Findings should make connections between
> personal and interpersonal issues as well as local and global
> ones.  Research should help inform and improve teacher education,
> curricular revision and/ or development, methodology, school
> policy, and/ or informal, community-oriented educational initiatives.
> The Intolerance Reduction Program aims to increase the connection
> between theory and practice.  Applicants are encouraged to go
> beyond publication by introducing innovative ways to implement and
> test their findings.
> The TMF Scholar-in-Residence will analyze a selected topic in the
> field of tolerance education. The research should provide strong
> ties between the academic discourse and the practical work of
> advocates in the field and should ideally help inform and improve
> approaches, strategies and methods on how to confront and reduce
> intolerance among children and youth.
> Eligibility
> Eligible candidates are scholars who have earned their doctorate
> degree within the past five years. Candidates must demonstrate
> experience in the area of tolerance education.  Each fellow must
> accomplish his/her proposed work in the form of a publication i.e.,
> a book, journal article(s), or multi-media tool upon completion of
> the program.
> Intolerance Reduction Post-Doctoral Program Application
> A complete application must include the following items:
> ·       Cover letter limited to 1,500 words describing the proposed
> research project and making the case for its relevance to the human
> rights movement specific to tolerance education;
> ·       Curriculum vitae;
> ·       Two copies of two recently published articles or a recent
> book that exemplify the applicant’s work in the field of tolerance
> education and;
> ·       Three letters of reference including complete contact
> information.
> Review Process
> Proposals will be reviewed beginning in January by an academic
> review committee for the following content:
> ·       What is the central problematic you will address?  What
> evidence do you have that your research will add to existing
> knowledge?  How distinctive or unique is your project?
> ·       What is the proposed product of the year’s work?  How
> will this be accomplished in the next two years?
> ·       How does the proposed research fit into your current
> academic pursuits?
> ·       How are theory and practice interconnected in your work?
> Do you foresee opportunities to share and/ or test your work?
> ·       What impact do you predict?
> Please submit applications to:
> Margaret Beale Spencer, Ph.D.
> Graduate School of Education
> University of Pennsylvania
> 3700 Walnut Street
> Philadelphia, PA 19104
> marges at


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