Wisconsin: Mayville board OKs ESL policy

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at ccat.sas.upenn.edu
Thu Nov 23 15:00:44 UTC 2006

Mayville board OKs ESL policy
By BRIAN PAYNTER/Staff Reporter

MAYVILLE - The board of education on Monday unanimously approved an
English as a second language policy along with procedures for assessing
limited English proficient students. Under the new policy:

-All newly enrolled students including transfers will be given a home
language survey during the enrollment process to identify potential LEP

-The students' proficiency will then be assessed, classified according to
their language group, grade level and English proficiency level and placed
in an appropriate educational program. This will be conducted in
accordance with state requirements and established district procedures.

-Each LEP student will be enrolled in the mainstream program to the extent
possible and integrated into regular activities.

-The district will accommodate LEP students within the classroom based on
student needs and determined on an individual basis.

Decisions regarding the administration of state-required tests to LEP
students shall be made on a case-by-case basis. Testing accommodations may
be made based on student needs, provided the validity of the test is
maintained. Any LEP student exempted from taking a state-required test
shall be administered an alternative assessment approved by the Department
of Public Instruction. The results of both state-required tests and
alternate assessments shall be used consistent with district policies in
making instructional, promotion and graduation decisions. Test results may
not be used as the sole criterion in re-classifying an LEP student from a
bilingual-bicultural education program or in determining grade promotion,
eligibility for courses or programs, eligibility for graduation or
eligibility for participating in post-secondary education opportunities.
Exemption of a LEP student from taking a state-required test may also not
be used as the sole criterion for making such determinations.

The district believes that high standards are of the utmost importance,
but also believes that reasonable and flexible grading policies must exist
for all LEP students. A reasonable grading policy will include:

-Pass/fail grades for students at English proficiency levels one through

-Grading students against their own progress at all levels above
proficiency level four, while still providing adequate support to ensure

Parents/guardians of LEP students shall be notified of student assessment
arrangements and of educational programs and services available to help
their children improve their English language skills and academic
achievement. Communications to parents/guardians of LEP students will be
provided in English, the parent/guardian's native language or any other
means necessary to convey the essential information.



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