Books for review in Language Policy

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Dear friends,
  I have not seen the list of books for review. My interest is in language history, language policy and the relationship of langauge with politics and education.
  If nayone knows of a social history of any language I would like to review it or read it. I will buy it if available. Or, if any such book is available for review, I would do thank anyone for sending it for that purpose.
  Yours sincerely,
  Tariq Rahman Ph.D

Leigh Oakes <l.oakes at> wrote:
  Thanks Ronald. Actually, people don't celebrate thanks giving at all here. I 
didn't even know it was now. Have a good one, as we say in Australia.

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> All, my apologies for sending that to the whole list. My fingers were 
> faster than my brain. The creeping arthritis may take care of that before 
> long, though...
> Since I have your attention anyway, if you are among those who "do" 
> Thanksgiving or any similar ritual, please have a safe and pleasant 
> holiday. If you aren't, have a safe and pleasant rest of the week and 
> weekend anyway.
> Ron

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