Bangalore: Parents put on alert mode

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Tue Nov 28 15:18:15 UTC 2006

Parents put on alert mode
Raju Gavali

BELGAUM: As the academic educational year is coming to an end, the
admission process for the next academic year in English-medium schools
here is all set to begin. Anxious parents have started making enquiries on
the date of issual of admission forms at private educational institutions.
The number of such parents rushing to recognised institutions has gone up
this year as the government has cracked a whip on the so-called
English-medium schools for violating the language policy.

Worried parents of wards studying in the to-be-closed schools have begun
to approach other schools for admissions as children would face difficulty
in catching up with vernacular languages. Many schools which do not come
under government hammer may begin admissions process in the last week of
November. It can be recalled how parents made a bee line before the
counter to get forms in those schools in previous years.

With only a few schools getting government aid, parents are being made to
pay hefty amount as donation to those private ones. Some parents regret to
say that education department has failed to crackdown on the schools
violating the government's guidelines. Making hay while the sun shines, a
handful of English-medium schools are bracing to make the most while
admitting children. Some of the schools have indicated to issue admission
forms in the first half of December, while some others have already begun
the admission process, throwing all the guidelines to air.,prtpage-1.cms


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