Malta: Minister launches new book collection on Maltese language

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Mon Oct 9 14:58:50 UTC 2006

Minister launches new book collection on Maltese language for adults

by Dorian Cassar, di-ve news

FLORIANA, Malta (di-ve news) -- October 07, 2006 -- 1915CEST -- Minister
Louis Galea launched a collection of three books, Sisien, aimed at
teaching adults how to use the Maltese language appropriately in everyday
situations. The book collection is the outcome of a pedagogical training
programme to 46 literacy facilitators which was co-financed by the EU
Structural Funds. The first book in the collection is Nghallmu Lsienna,
aimed at serving as a guide for teachers to the way to address adults when
learning the Maltese language. The second book is Inhaddmu Lsienna which
presents themes and discussion topics to aid reading, listening,
understanding and speaking.

The remaining book is called Nitharrgu fi Lsienna and should serve to
strengthen reading skills and to provide guidelines that will help the
student to write correctly. "The collection is a direct result of years of
experience of teaching the Maltese language to adults", Minister Galea
told a press conference on Saturday. He added that the basic abilities of
any language are directly addressed in this project and aims at giving
basic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

When quoting NSO figures, Minister Galea said that 15,437 persons followed
a literacy course in 2004. The Education Division alone has offered
courses to 7,800 individuals in 2005.


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