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Language Policy, Culture, and Identity in Asian Contexts

by Amy B.M. Tsui (ed.) and James W. Tollefson (ed.)
ISBN: 0-8058-5694-3
Specs: 296 Pages
Pub. Date: , 2007
Primary Subject: Bilingual Education, ESL, & Applied Ling
Secondary Subject: Bilingualism/Second Language Acquisition
Price: $34.50

Bringing together scholarship on issues relating to language, culture, and
identity, with a special focus on Asian countries, this volume makes an
important contribution in terms of analyzing and demonstrating how
language is closely linked with crucial social, political, and economic
forces, particularly the tensions between the demands of globalization and
local identity. A particular feature is the inclusion of countries that
have been under-represented in the research literature, such as Nepal,
Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Korea. The
book is organized in three sections: *Globalization and its Impact on
Language Policies, Culture, and Identity;  *Language Policy and the Social
(Re)construction of National Cultural Identity; and *Language Policy and
Language Politics: The Role of English.

Unique in its attention to how the domination of English is being
addressed in relation to cultural values and identity by non-English
speaking countries in a range of sociopolitical contexts, this volume will
help readers to understand the impact of globalization on non-English
speaking countries, particularly developing countries, which differ
significantly from contexts in the West in their cultural orientations and
the way identities are being constructed.

Language Policy, Culture, and Identity in Asian Contexts will interest
scholars and research students in the areas of language policy, education,
sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and critical linguistics. It can be
adopted in graduate and advanced undergraduate courses on language policy,
language in society, and language education.

Contents: Preface. A.B.M. Tsui, J.W. Tollefson, Language Policy and the
Construction of National Cultural Identity. Part I: Globalization and Its
Impact on Language Policy, Culture, and Identity. K. Hashimoto, Japans
Language Policy and the Lost Decade. Y. Sungwon, Globalization and
Language Policy in South Korea. M.K. David, S. Govindasamy, The
Construction of National Identity and Globalization in Multilingual
Malaysia. P.G-L. Chew, Remaking Singapore: Language, Culture, and Identity
in a Globalized World. T. Clayton, Transition, Culture, and Language in
Cambodia. Part II: Language Policy and the (Re)Construction of National
Cultural Identity. A.B.M. Tsui, Language Policy and the Social
Construction of Identity: The Case of Hong Kong. M. Saxena, Multilingual
and Multicultural Identities in Brunei Darussalam. R.A. Benton, Mauri or
Mirage? The Status of the Mori Language in Aotearoa New Zealand in the
Third Millennium. Part III: Language Policy and Language Politics: The
Role of English. R.K. Agnihotri, Identity and Multilinguality: The Case of
India. S.K. Sonntag, Change and Permanence in Language Politics in Nepal.
T. Rahman, The Role of English in Pakistan With Special Reference to
Tolerance and Militancy. T. Hossain, J.W. Tollefson, Language Policy in
Education in Bangladesh. J.W. Tollefson, A.B.M. Tsui, Issues in Language
Policy, Culture, and Identity.


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