Ukraine's President attended congress of the National Union of Writers

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16:19 18 October 2006

Ukraine's President attended congress of the National Union of Ukrainian

Today Victor Yushchenko has attended the fifth congress of the National
Union of Ukrainian Writers (NUUW), President's press office reported. In
his speech, the President insisted that they, like the whole society,
unite to uphold such fundamental principles as Ukraines unity, language
and church. He urged the writers to take part in a public discussion on
these issues. As far as the countrys unity, he expressed confidence that
federalist slogans were not the idea [proposed] by the nation but by
politicians, who are abusing the issue to manipulate masses.

Yushchenko said Ukraine must no longer tolerate the ambiguous status of
its language but reiterated his pledge to responsibly ensure that national
minorities in Ukraine can freely develop their native tongues. He said the
writers should help recognize the Holodmor as genocide and promote the
reconciliation between the veterans of the Ukrainian Rebel Army and the
Red Army.

NUUW Chairman Volodymyr Yavorivsky suggested that they meet again to speak
about their most pressing problems and needs. The President said the
writers should first set up a group to study their plans for 2007. He also
said he wanted to see a list of concrete projects they are planning to
implement next year, promising to meet with them within ten days. The
President is your partner. As President, I appreciate your concerns about
humanitarian issues, language policy and the status of writers, he said.

Then Yushchenko presented state awards to several members of the


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