Karnataka: more schools under scrutiny

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More schools under scrutiny
They are considered to be in breach of the State's language policy

by Special Correspondent

6,678 schools said to be teaching in English medium
DDPIs, BEOs told to file fresh report by November 30

BANGALORE: More primary schools may be de-recognised by the Government,
apart from the 2,111 primary schools against which action was taken three
months ago for teaching in English medium after getting permission to
start Kannada-medium schools. Minister for Primary and Secondary Education
Basavaraj S. Horatti told presspersons here on Wednesday that according to
information received by the Government, 6,678 schools were teaching in
English medium in violation of the conditions laid down by the Government.
He said the Government had since issued directions to all deputy directors
of public instruction and block education officers to inspect 4,415
primary schools and submit a report by November 30. The Government had
received complaints that some officials had filed false reports, which
helped the schools go scot-free after violating the language policy, he

Border areas

Mr. Horatti said the State Government had called a high-level meeting of
all department officials serving in 48 taluks along the State's border to
ensure that children educated in Kannada-medium schools across the border
in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh were not denied admission to colleges in
Karnataka. At present, children studying in such schools are put to
hardship because they are denied admission in those States and in

Computer education

Referring to the Mahiti Sindhu programme (computer education for high
school students), the Minister said the programme would be restarted
shortly and tenders had been floated inviting bids from computer education
institutions. The S.M. Krishna government had introduced the programme,
which was suspended some time ago after nearly 2,000 computer educators
demanded permanent employment although they were employed by computer

For more schools

Mr. Horatti said apart from the 1,000 schools in which the programme was
implemented, the Government would now extend this programme to another 480
high schools. It would be ensured that a large number of 2,000-odd
computer teachers who were earlier imparting computer education would be
re-inducted into service by the agencies that were awarded the contract.


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