Alaska awarded $1,343,843 US Dept. of Education/ANEP grant

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Sun Oct 29 13:50:25 UTC 2006

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Alaskan linguists received $1,343,843 US Dept. of Education/ANEP grant
SLATE: Second Language Acquistion and Teacher Education

U.S. Department of Education Alaska Native Education Program recently
awarded $1,343,843 to University of Alaska Fairbanks' College of Liberal
Arts' Applied Linguistics Program to support a three-year Second Language
Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE) project. The SLATE project
builds on partnerships between UAF's College of Liberal Arts Applied
Linguistics Program, Alaska Native Language Center, UAF School of
Education, Associate of Village Council Presidents (AVCP), and the Lower
Kuskokwim School District to create a comprehensive graduate program in
second language acquisition and teacher education. Through SLATE, the
University of Alaska Fairbanks will recruit, educate, and graduate 20 new
Masters students and about 4 new doctoral students whose efforts will
enable local communities and schools to improve the quality of language
instruction and assessment in the region. In order to eliminate barriers
that have historically hindered degree completion, students will be
organized into cohorts as well as guided research collaboratives.

SLATE Project is directed by Sabine Siekmann, PhD, who joined the faculty
of UAF's College of Liberal Arts as Assistant Professor of Linguistics and
Foreign Language Education in August 2005. Her doctoral work at University
of South Florida emphasized second language acquisition and instructional
technology. Siekmann is assisted by co-investigator, Patrick Marlow, PhD,
an Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Education who holds dual faculty
appointments with Alaska Native Language Center as well as UAF's School of

CONTACT: Anita Hartmann, Director, CLA Office for Research Development, at
(907) 474-2633 or via e-mail at ffamh at . Marmian Grimes, UAF Public
Information Officer, at (907) 474-7902 or via e-mail at
marmian.grimes at .

Principal Investigator Sabine Siekmann, Assistant Professor of
Linguistics, at (907) 474-6580 or via e-mail at ffss5 at Photo
available at .
Co-Investigator Patrick Marlow, Assistant Professor of Linguistics and
Education, at (907) 474-7446, or via e-mail at ffpem at .

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