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Some of you may be aware that I regularly receive a "Google News Alert for:
*language policy" *which

I then sift through to find articles that are really about "language policy"
and not just articles that happen to have

the terms "policy" and "language" in them.  I forward these to you as I
receive them.  Recently,

however, I have begun to receive a different category of messages, from
blogs. These are much

more difficult to handle, because some (many? most?) are *very *opinionated
and some are also

obscene, vicious, and not appropriate for this list.  I also don't have the
time to sort through all

of these, though I am sure some are worth reading.

Instead, from now on I will forward the list I receive to you, and you can
decide what to do with them.

(signed) Hal Schiffman

(Moderator/list owner)

Here goes:

Google Blogs Alert for: *language policy*

Globalisation, Islam and
By Eric Blair
He then goes on to discuss how this exclusionist *policy* came to be part of
the *...* but a *policy* of importing labour from the fringes of the world
economy. *...* were not recognised, *language* and culture were marginalised
and disrespected: *...*
Larvatus Prodeo - <>

Hypocrisy Watch<>
By Jonathan Rosenblum
*...* their children foreign *language* instruction or a parochial school
education. *...* that the prime objective of the government’s absorption *
policy* was “adaptation *...* When the Yemenite Jews protested this *
policy* in the Ein Shemer camp, *...*
Cross-Currents -

Lack of restraint<>
By Chairm
It must be convenient not to have to deal with the constraints of actual
constitutional *language* when judicially revolutionizing social *policy*. *
* *. See: No Limits to Expansive Reading of Non-Existent Constitutional
Provisions by *...*
The Opine Editorials -

Tipping Point for War's Supporters?: The Washington
By Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent 7777(Marc Parent mparent7777 mparent
In the wake of Warner's revelation and the unchecked violence in Iraq,
Bush's *language* in discussing the war changed markedly. As late as the end
of August, he was still describing his *policy* as "stay the course. *...*

A New Strategy for Control of Illegal
By Christi S. King
I believe this confusion in *language* is deliberate. *...* The interesting
question for Washington *policy* wonks to study is whether the intellectual
*...* debate over illegal immigration - not some *policy* paper published in
Washington, DC, *...*
CommonSenseAmerica -

Bush & Blair: two leaders searching for a way out
By Kel(Kel)
Mr Blair's *language* was almost identical. To do otherwise, he said,
*...*architect of his war would be seen as an admission that his
entire Iraq
*policy* has failed. *...* "Stay the course", containment, *policy*,
failure, US foreign *policy*, *...*
The Osterley Times -

The first month<>
By c
I advise a mixture of French and English classes so as to strike a balance
between familiarity and improving your French. I've personally taken up a
selection of subjects encompassing French and Asian history, social *policy*and
*language* *...*
The Connolly Column -

Foreigh *Policy* Magazine Nov Dec
Category: Books Subcategory: Magazine Quality: No quality info *Language*:
English Uploaded by: Nanflexal Size: 8.81 MB. - Books - <>

October 28, 2006<>
By Bahadir
H7 Asia Times Iran puts its foreign *policy* under scrutinyIran is
implementing a series of organizational reforms within its foreign
*...* The *language* of war gets a makeover. Der Spiegel INTERVIEW WITH
TurcoPundit -

NYBR: Jesusland - 2000, when the fiction of the past became the
By Bob Carlton
*...* the *language* of the secular Enlightenment culture that evangelists
despise. *...* able to affect *policy* because liberals left over from
previous administrations *...* On social *policy* and related issues, the
lack of even basic *policy* *...*
The Corner -

Base Bating <>
By radleybalko at at
*...* as I've noted before, is that the *language* on the ballot goes well
beyond gay *...* that *language* could preclude gay and straight couples
from, for example, *...* It is a sweeping *policy* that goes above and
beyond "defining marriage" to *...*
The Agitator - <>

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