Sanskriti magazine gets best non-commercial magazine award

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>>From the Press Information Bureau Government of India

Monday, September 04, 2006
  Ministry of Culture



  18:1 IST
    Sanskriti, the magazine brought out by the Ministry of Culture in
Hindi has been adjudged the best non-commercial periodical by the Hindi
Academy of Delhi. This was disclosed by the Union Minister of Tourism and
Culture, Smt. Ambika Soni at the meeting of the Rajbhasha Advisory
Commiittee, here today.

Presiding over the meeting, Smt. Soni said that Hindi is an integral part
of the Indian culture and, therefore, the Ministry of Culture has a
special responsibility in this regard. She said that it was her personal
view that we should make use of simple spoken Hindi in our official work.
Smt. Soni clarified that the official language policy of the Government is
not that of forcing Hindi upon anybody but to propagate it in a cordial
atmosphere by encouraging and motivating people to use it in their
day-to-day work.

Smt. Soni said that during the last one year the Ministry has organized a
number of seminars in Hindi on subjects like Indian Constitution,
Relevance of Art Forms in the context of globalisation and Hindi & Mass
awareness programme of Mahatma Gandhi etc. There is a proposal to publish
the proceedings of the seminar in book forms so that they may serve as
important research and reference materials for researchers and scholars.
The Ministry has also organized a number of programames in various parts
of the country in connection with the 125th anniversary of Munshi Prem
Chand, she added.

The Members of the Committee gave a number of suggestions for propagation
of Hindi. One suggestion was to organize competitions in Hindi in
different subjects in the non-speaking Hindi states. It was also suggested
that competitions could also be organized in Delhi for the students coming
for studies etc. from non Hindi speaking regions. Efforts should also be
made organize exhibitions, both within and outside the country, some
members suggested.

Members of Parliament Prof. Chandra Kumar, Sh. Kirip Chaliha, Sh. Harendra
Singh Malik, Sh. Baleshwar Yadav and a number of scholars, eminent
literary personalities and senior officers took part in the meeting.


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