Sorenson Communications policy board: Key Deaf Community Leaders Accept Positions

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Sorenson Communications Announces Formation of the Sorenson Consumer
Policy Board; Key Deaf Community Leaders Accept Positions on the Policy
Board to Progress Relay-Related Policies

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 7, 2006--Sorenson Communications,
the leader in services and technology for the deaf and hard-of-hearing,
today announced the formation of the Sorenson Consumer Policy Board
(SCPB). The board's mission is to educate, examine and contribute to
leading advocacy and industry topics. The SCPB reviews important issues
raised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other
organizations and providers who contribute to the landscape of the deaf
communications industry.

Comprised of educators, experts and visionaries, the SCPB is committed to
aiding Sorenson Communications in its commitment to bridging
communications between the deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing communities.
Leading deaf advocates Dr. Donalda Ammons, Dr. Gertrude Scott Galloway,
and Dr. Lawrence Fleischer will collaborate with Sorenson Communications
to identify and address vital video relay service issues.

"The Consumer Policy Board was created by Sorenson Communications to show
a continued commitment to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community," said
Dr. Ammons, chair of SCPB. "We look forward to engaging in dialogue and
decision-making regarding the key issues facing our community and
significantly impacting progressive relay-related policies."

"With the help of these key individuals, the policy board will effectively
represent regional communities across the country in important decisions
that affect communications for the deaf and hard-of-hearing," said Ron
Burdett, vice president of community relations for Sorenson
Communications. "Each member of the Sorenson VRS Consumer Policy Board was
selected based on their credibility and significant leadership efforts
within the deaf community."

The SVCPB members announced today represent deaf communities across three
regional areas of the country.

-- Dr. Donalda Kay Ammons - SCPB chair and Eastern region representative,
is currently employed as a full-time tenured professor in the Department
of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Gallaudet University in
Washington D.C. Dr. Ammons also serves as the first female president of
the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, the international
governing body for the Deaflympics. She is an authority on the global deaf
community and brings extensive expertise on worldwide emerging trends in
deaf communications.

-- Dr. Lawrence Fleischer - SCPB member and Western region representative,
is chair of the Deaf Studies Department at California State University,
Northridge (CSUN). A renowned expert in American Sign Language and deaf
culture, Fleischer offers the SCPB deep research-based knowledge of deaf
studies. He serves on numerous professional organizations, including the
Council on Education of the Deaf, U.S. Deaf Sports Federation and American
Sign Language Teacher Association, as well as the Greater Los Angeles
Council on Deafness.

-- Dr. Gertrude Scott Galloway - SCPB member and Central region
representative, brings broad and deep experience to the board as president
of key deaf organizations, including the Maryland Association of the Deaf,
the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), the Conference of Educational
Administrators of the Schools and Programs for the Deaf and Deaf Seniors
of America. Galloway has also served as a deaf educator at Western
Maryland College, and Gallaudet University. She holds an honorary
doctorate in Letter of Laws from Gallaudet University.

Sorenson Communications serves the deaf and hard-of-hearing community with
relay offerings and devices, including Sorenson Video Relay Service,
Sorenson IP Relay and the Sorenson VP line of videophone devices. VRS is
for individuals who prefer to communicate in American Sign Language, the
fourth most commonly used language in the United States.

About Sorenson Communications

Sorenson Communications(TM) ( is a provider of
industry-leading communication offerings including Sorenson Video Relay
Service(R) (VRS), the company's line of videophones, Sorenson IP Relay(TM)
(siprelay) and Sorenson Video Remote Interpreting(TM) (VRI). Sorenson VRS
( enables deaf callers to conduct video relay
conversations with hearing friends, business colleagues and family members
through a qualified American Sign Language interpreter. The company's
Sorenson VP-100 is the first consumer-based broadband videophone appliance
specifically designed for deaf individuals. Sorenson IP Relay
( allows deaf and hard-of-hearing users to place instant
text-based relay calls from a PC or mobile device to any telephone user.
Sorenson Video Remote Interpreting(TM) ( is a
fee-based video interpreting service ideal for use in situations where an
interpreter cannot be physically present to interpret between hearing and
deaf individuals who are at the same location.

Sorenson Communications, Salt Lake City
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