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Language Alternation Strategies in Multilingual Settings:  A Case Study:
Ghanaian Immigrants in Northern Italy
Series Title: European University Studies:
Series 21, Linguistics. Vol.289
Publisher: Peter Lang AG, 2006

Author: Federica Guerini

This book is one of the first systematic studies to describe the
linguistic repertoire and the communicative strategies adopted by Ghanaian
immigrants in Italy. The linguistic repertoire of the Ghanaian community
in Bergamo (Northern Italy) is described with a special focus on the
different codes composing it.  The author analyzes the role that each code
plays in expressing the community members' ethnic and linguistic identity,
and the speakers' attitudes towards each code. She draws on the results of
qualitative analysis - adopting both a macro-sociolinguistic and a
micro-sociolinguistic perspective - of a database of face-to-face
interactions and of formal interviews involving a selected group of
Ghanaian immigrants.

The Ghanaian Community in Bergamo and its Province: a Socio-
Demographic and Sociolinguistic Overview
- Language Alternation Strategies in a Conversational Framework
- Conversational Analysis of Code-Switching Occurrences
- Conversational Analysis of Transfer Occurrences.


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